Happy Hour!

Happy Hour

This photo was taken in Santa Barbara, California.  I think it’s genius.  I would agree that it may not be the type of thing that comes to mind when thinking about public art, but I think it qualifies.  After all, it is art…and it is for public view.

The point of this is to advertise the restaurant’s happy hour and hopefully draw in customers; however, more than that was actually accomplished.  Think about it.  The ad aspect could have been accomplished by writing/drawing the same information on a large chalkboard near the front of the business like every other bar and restaurant on the street.  The colors and design layout here is entertaining and made me happy just to look at it.  An “artist” decided to create something beautiful for the public to view, not simply advertise the $5 beers…although I did enjoy a couple of those beers.

Chalk Flower

It’s really inspiring.  I can imagine doing something similar on a patio.  Imagine drawing brightly colored flowers like this all over a boring cement (or as in this case, a brick) slab. Or, even on a bedroom wall.  Instead of a headboard, a beautiful freehand flower could be drawn.  Imagine how striking a black chalk sketch on a basic apartment-white wall would be! Spectacular!


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