Back in NoHo


I have absolutely no background information on the artists featured in this week’s post, except that it is on the side of the Rose Theater in North Hollywood, CA.  It reminds me of the work done by Illustrator Miguel Mejia, a.k.a. Nuezz, who has painted many works in Mexico City.  Nuezz’s murals have been classified as “folk graffiti” or “lowbrow chickenmuralism.”  I’m not quite sure I agree with the idea of  lowbrow, however, the folk art aspect of the artwork is apparent. Heavily influenced by his grandfather, Goyo, the artist’s paintings feature folk traditions of masks, a Mesoamerican cultural form that dates back to before 3,000 BCE.

The featured artists have their own unique style, however.  The most noticeable difference is the brilliant color and a more lighthearted theme, which is evident in both.

Take a look at some of Nuezz’s work.  What do you think?


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